How about Good Intentions?

How is your plan to lose weight and live a healthier life going? Do you seem to lose the same pounds repeatedly? Are you frustrated and de-motivated by your lack of result?

It's not easy, willpower runs out and good intentions fade. 

Do you need a better way to achieve your goals? Do you need a better foundation for your plans for a healthier you? 

Join the Weight Steady Course and learn how to make the changes you want and stick with them. 

Don't rely on willpower and intentions, build a solid foundation instead.

This course helps Women, who are good at many things, master losing weight and sustaining weight loss, also.

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Learn how to build a foundation that will enable you to successfully achieve the weightloss you want on a eating plan that works for you..

Taking this course, you will...

● Learn how to end a life of yo-yo dieting. Stop jumping from diet to diet hoping that this will be the one for you, only to fail again.
● Understand how to Fail proof your hard earned Weight Loss. Don't let the pounds sneak back on.
● Unlock your own potential to solve the mystery of why you end up spending so much time and energy on food and food choices.

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Modules of the course

This Course is a 7 week course. A new module will be released every week. It will include video teaching, worksheets, action points and community support.

  • Module 1: Self Inventory

    You have to examine where you are at, to be able to know what you have to do, to get to where you want to be. This module we will focus on examining where we are in terms of seeing and understanding ourselves, we are going to notice how we talk to ourselves and how we relate to food. There are several tools to use for this process and I encourage you to journal along the way. We will end this module by looking ahead and giving ourselves permission to dream!

  • Module 2: Brain and Body understanding

    We are many systems in one big system. In the module we are going to look at some of our systems. Brain, body, emotions, hormones, chemicals in the brain - everything plays together, it’s one big system. We are wired to sustain and survive as humans, and every smaller system of us is wired that way too. We seek pleasure, try to avoid pain and try to conserve energy. I’m not a doctor or a brain scientist, so I’m going to talk about this in big strokes and simple terms. There are several tools to help you consider how your different systems play together.

  • Module 3: Meet the panel

    Part of me wants to get healthy, part of me just wants to eat that Chocolate cake! In this module we are going inside to look at those parts and try to understand what’s happening when it seems like there’s almost a war going on on the inside. Do you feel like part of you is sabotaging you? Do you feel you are not fully on board with getting healthy? This is where the healing happens. Are you willing to look inside?

  • Module 4: Begin the healing

    All parts of you are welcome! As you work with getting to know your inner world, you will discover a sense of relief. As you grow in understanding that all parts of you have good intentions for you and that not all of you is one part, you will most likely experience emotions change for you. It’s a process though and the goal is not to get there fast, but to move forward. At this point you want to practice noticing the dynamics and being more aware of what happens for you.

  • Module 5: Re-defining you

    As the healing continues it’s time to begin making new choices. You get to define you! This module will help you and inspire you to define what your values are and who you want to be in this new light. Maybe there’s not much you want to change, maybe there’s a lot you want to be different. The point is to consider and be empowered to define you!

  • Module 6: Choose your plan

    This module is the practical one. You have worked a lot on your inner world, you’ve gained much understanding and knowledge. Now you can make it reflect on your outer world. We are gonna look at what you have done in the past, many of us are experts on diets and programs. We definitely know what has worked for us and what has not. It’s time to collect that data and make some choices. The tools in this module will help you do that so you can make the decisions that are right for you.

  • Module 7: Create your new normal.

    This module will help you put it all into practice. For some this will be a very different and new normal in the outer world. For others it might not look so different but the inner world from which you base your normal will be different. It’s a shift and it takes continues healing. This module contains tools to help you set up for success in your process, do the work and evaluate when things don’t go as planned.

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